Adoption has drastically improved over the years, offering women a chance to choose what adoption plan works best for them.

Maybe parenting is not for you. If you are considering adoption, it’s a great option if life circumstances seem unfit for a child right now. You are not alone as you navigate your pregnancy decision!

Types of Adoptions

Adoption isn’t an easy choice, but you do have adoption options. Here is more insight about the three types of adoption.

Open Adoption

In an open adoption, all identifying information is given to the adoptive couple, and in turn, they share theirs with you. The birth mother and the adoptive family can request meetings and conversations. In many cases, the birth mom becomes close with the adoptive family.

Closed Adoption

It may be best for some women not to be involved in the adoption planning. In a closed adoption, your coordinator will choose a couple based on your expectations. You won’t know each other’s names or exchange any identifying information. The original birth certificate is sealed to keep your name and location confidential. 

Semi-Open Adoption

Though this option is rare, semi-open adoptions are generally sought by adoptive families and birth parents who would want to maintain their privacy throughout the adoption journey.

Semi-adoption allows you to exchange letters and photos through a third party like your adoption agency or lawyer. You’ll know one another’s first names but no other identifying information.

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Every woman’s situation is different, and only you can decide what is best in your case. If you are trying to decide if adoption is the right option for you, you may find it helpful to meet with a client advocate.

Schedule an appointment today to talk with us. We are a safe and non-judgmental space to talk about all your pregnancy options and ask your most pressing questions.

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